The song worthy of my praise by Divine Gift is a worship song born out of deep gratitude upon the remembrance of God’s kindness to humanity. This song reflects on the goodness of God and how He is worthy of all Praise. 

“The beautiful works of God’s hands, his act of miraculous delivery of women from pregnancy and childbirth, the salvation of souls, and many more of His goodness; what shall I render to Him; He is indeed worthy of praise!” Divine Gift

Brief Bio of Onyinye Gift

Onyinye Gift Divine nee (Achinonu) aka Divinegift hails from Rivers State of Nigeria.

She is a gospel artist, a gifted songwriter, endowed with the talent of singing. She ministers grace and salvation and inspires her audience during her ministrations, with the help of the Holy Spirit. She is also an insightful and motivational minister of God’s word.

Divine Gift holds a bachelor degree in Nursing (B.N.Sc) and Master of Nursing Science (M.N.Sc).

She is a passionate health caregiver and dedicated to her service to God and humanity. Socially she is easily adapted and relates to people irrespective of their backgrounds, race, and color.

Generally, Divine Gift is resourceful and contributes meaningfully to any organization where she belongs. She is married to Pastor Divine J.Ogbeide, they are blessed with children to the glory of God.

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Lyrics: Worthy of My Praise

Chorus:  you are worthy of my praise…. oo God (x4)

Solo 1:

For the beautiful works of your hands,

I lift my voice to sing,

For the wonderful works of creation;

Lord I lift my hands in worship (x2)

Odighi onye dika gi…., chi moo,

Odighi onye dika gi… papa moo,

Okwa  gi mere nwanyi  turu ime..

Wee muo nwa n’udo,

What shall I render to you Lord, worthy of my praise.

Solo 2:

 You called me!

You saved me!

You raised me!

See how you blessed me!

I can’t imagine life without you

No- No –No,

You picked me from the miry clay

Set my feet upon the rock,

Na wetin I go give to you

Ekele oma njiri bia oooo

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